Orikami enables personalized healthcare by maximizing data value.


Orikami is on a mission to improve 100 million lives before 2030 by enabling personalized healthcare

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Orikami enables personalized healthcare.

Orikami is a Dutch MedTech organization. We are specialized in applied data science. We develop and implement digital biomarkers to enable personalized healthcare for people with chronic diseases.


Our Mission

Our mission - to improve 100 million lives before 2030 by enabling personalized healthcare.

We believe health data is underutilized. We use real-world patient data to enable personalized healthcare paths for our clients to improve their quality of life. Therefore, we develop digital biomarkers.

Our solutions deliver better outcomes and affordable healthcare.

VALUE of Digital Biomarkers

Clinical validated digital biomarkers provide objective data that provides clinically significant results. This enables decision support to clinicians and will optimize patients’ health paths. This is needed to innovate healthcare and increase the efficiency of the healthcare ecosystems.

Clients and partners we work with



Nijmegen, July 20, 2021 The activities listed below are made possible by the European Union. PROHEALTH project receives a subsidy for the following activity(s): The development and validation of a wearable sensor for measuring cerebral…

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PRESS RELEASE: Orikami Takes Over Multiple Screener From Sanofi

Nijmegen, June 28, 2021 Since June 1, 2021, Orikami is the new owner of The Multiple Screener, a cognitive test for MS developed by Sanofi. A new step in which Orikami continues to build on its…

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