Orikami enables personalized healthcare by maximizing data value.

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Orikami is on a mission to improve 100 million lives before 2030 by enabling personalized healthcare

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Orikami is a Dutch MedTech organization. We are specialized in applied data science. We develop and implement digital biomarkers to enable personalized healthcare for people with chronic diseases.

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Our Mission

Our mission - to improve 100 million lives before 2030 by enabling personalized healthcare.

We believe health data is underutilized. We use real-world patient data to enable personalized healthcare paths for our clients to improve their quality of life. Therefore, we develop digital biomarkers.

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VALUE of Digital Biomarkers

What are digital biomarkers?

Digital biomarkers are defined as objective, quantifiable physiological and behavioral data. They are collected and measured by means of digital devices such as portables, wearables, implantables or digestibles.

Clinical validated digital biomarkers provide objective data that provides clinically significant results. This enables decision support to clinicians and will optimize patients’ health paths.

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The activities listed below are made possible by the European Union. OpenPlanet is a collaboration between OnePlanet Research Center, iMEC, JoinData, Ivido and Stichting SIDN. By combining the strengths of all partners OnePlanet aims to…

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Best Digital Biomarker Company 2021

We are excited to announce that Orikami is mentioned on the Global Health & Pharma  website. This year Orikami is a winner in the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical Awards 2021. We are honored for being recognized…

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