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New release KRANE-platform

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As of November 7th 2023, we are releasing a major update to the KRANE platform, the web portal and the Orikami app.

Important features of this Albatros release are a self-service module for creating projects and scheduling experiments and being able to do in-clinic assessments in a safe and user-friendly manner. Furthermore, we added extensive uptime monitoring, the two-minute walking test, and updated some core features like the onboarding process in the app.

Our KRANE platform gives customers the opportunity to quickly and reliably use reusable building blocks for digital biomarkers.

In the new release, a number of modules have been improved, tightened and made more user-friendly.

Key features of the new release are:

  • a self-service project creation module
  • planning experiments
  • carrying out assessments in a safe and user-friendly manner in the clinic

Are you not yet using the KRANE platform? We would be happy to schedule an appointment to provide insight into the possibilities.

Call or call Luuk Wilders, 06-53721902 via, he will be happy to come by for a demo to explain all the possibilities. Want to schedule an appointment yourself? This can be done quickly and easily via: Schedule your Meeting Now.