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Orikami believes digital biomarkers are the future of healthcare.

For improved health outcomes, digital biomarkers will play a crucial role in the future of prevention and care. We focus on life science companies, healthcare providers and healthcare insurance companies. In the end, patients will benefit the most with an improved quality of life using our digital biomarkers.

For Life Science Companies

The use of our digital biomarkers in Clinical Trials provides a more innovative approach to clinical trials and will result in objective, more accurate measurements, faster result analysis, optimized study duration.

In Clinical Practice, the use of digital biomarkers will facilitate more accurate positioning of products and create an innovative approach to beyond-the-pill concepts for excellence in patient guidance.

For Healthcare Providers

The use of Digital Biomarkers by patients in clinical practice will provide frequent measurement data to their clinicians. This decision support platform will enable potential pro-active interventions, an optimized care path, increased Quality of Life and better utilization of HCP resources.

Our clients

Partners and endorsements

“Orikami develops practical solutions for healthcare with a robust and scientific approach in our joint digital biomarker initiative, I am looking forward to continue our collaboration.”
Ton Peters

Associate Director Evidence Generation Benelux | Janssen Pharmaceutica

"Orikami has been a valuable partner in the design, development en delivery of our data backbone. In collaboration with our Vilans-data scientists en -engineers, the team has proven to be knowledgeable, very hands-on, and reliable. A constructive and pleasant co-operation."

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