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PRESS RELEASE: Orikami and Amgen Netherlands personalize care for lung cancer patients

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Orikami and Amgen Netherlands personalize care for lung cancer patients


Nijmegen, May 8th  2023 

Dutch Medtech organization Orikami and biopharmaceutical company Amgen Netherlands have taken up the challenge to personalize care for lung cancer patients. In a 3-year program Orikami will develop a digital biomarker based solution for physicians which enables remote monitoring of a patient’s frailty and resilience. This will support physicians in making better treatment decisions and improving patient outcomes. Now elderly lung cancer patients are often over or undertreated. This can result in a disbalance of treatment effectiveness and quality of life. Our new digital biomarker based solution can resolve this problem.

A team of data scientists and software developers of Orikami is working with partners, patients, healthcare professionals and researchers to find out if and how remote digital monitoring of frailty and resilience can be applied in the lung cancer carepath. The program started with a research phase including a literature study and interviews with various stakeholders. Based on these initial insights, Orikami has started to build and test a proof-of-concept for a remote monitoring application on the mobile phone in which various tests will determine frailty and resilience of patients. Partners, such as Amgen Netherlands and RadboudUMC, will provide Orikami the necessary advice and expert guidance along the way.

Bram den Teuling, founder of Orikami notes: “What we have learned from talking extensively with patients and physicians is that quality of life and recovery after treatment becomes increasingly relevant in lung cancer. However, there is currently no consensus on how to routinely measure and predict the patients’ recovery potential, leading to suboptimal treatment choices. We are confident that our solution will contribute to this unmet need.”

“Amgen is supporting the development of a digital biomarker targeting fragility and resilience in lung cancer patients through the use of mobile phone-based digital tests. We are confident that the data will empower healthcare professionals and patients to make better treatment choices based on well-being of the patient, which will ultimately contribute to better outcomes for patients.” said Carolina Correa, general manager of Amgen Netherlands.

About Orikami

Orikami is a Dutch MedTech organization specialized in measuring and monitoring specific disease indicators by using the practical application of data science: Digital Biomarkers. 

To this end, Orikami developed the Orikami Digital Biomarker Platform that enables patients to collect medically validated information about his or her clinical picture in the home situation, thereby supporting care teams in making better treatment decisions.

With a team of twenty data scientists and researchers, Orikami is on a mission to improve 100 million lives by 2030 by providing access to personalized healthcare. More information:

About Amgen Netherlands

Amgen is committed to unlocking the potential of biology for patients suffering from serious diseases through the discovery, development, manufacture and delivery of innovative human therapies. We work together with our partners and provide advice and services that contribute to a better healthcare system with more value for patients.

Amgen BV has been based in Breda since 1997 and is housed in the same complex as Amgen Europe BV, the logistics center for Europe and many other countries. For more information, visit: