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PRESS RELEASE: Orikami brings in new investors

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Nijmegen, May 31, 2021

As of May 2021, CbusineZ will join Orikami Group BV, alongside existing investor Healthy.Capital. Both investors enable Orikami to roll out the product MS sherpa to clinical practice and also accelerate the development of new products for other syndromes.

“The synergy of both investors enables us to accelerate our ambitions”, – says Orikami CEO Bram den Teuling. “We are very pleased to see that our added value in caring for people with neurological disorders is recognized.

Digital biomarkers – validated measurements on which doctors and patients can actually take action – have great potential to personalize care and thus also the outcomes of the care process. Globally, Orikami has uniquely positioned itself in recent years to continue to play a leading role in this young market.”

“We are very excited about this collaboration. With the help of Orikami’s Digital Biomarkers, doctors gain a greatly improved insight into a patient’s clinical picture. This gives them more prospects for action and enables them to optimize the treatment. This leads to better treatment outcomes and lower costs in the system,” – says Rogier van der Hooft, Board of Directors of CbusineZ.

Douwe Jippes, managing partner at Healthy.Capital: “In our view, Orikami is one of the Dutch digital health companies with great potential to improve healthcare. The entry of CbusineZ endorses our vision. It is crucial to involve healthcare professionals, patients and health insurers in the rollout of healthcare innovations.”

Who is Orikami?

Orikami is a Dutch eHealth organization specialized in measuring and monitoring specific disease indicators by using the practical application of data science: Digital Biomarkers. To this end, Orikami developed MOSAIC: the Digital Biomarker Platform that enables patients to collect medically validated information about his or her clinical picture in the home situation, thereby supporting doctors in making better treatment decisions.

The first solution on this platform that is now being launched in clinical practice is MS sherpa. MS sherpa allows physicians to monitor disease indicators in people with Multiple Sclerosis and use these insights to make better treatment decisions.

With a team of twenty data scientists and researchers, Orikami is on a mission to improve 100 million lives by 2030 by providing access to personalized healthcare.