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Orikami & Radboudumc, Department of Geriatrics

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Highlighted by the need for new, large-scale dementia-prevention and treatment trials, clinicians and researchers urgently need improved tools for remote monitoring of cognitive performance. Commonly used tests are not designed for frequent, remote testing in people with or at risk of cognitive impairments. Therefore, Orikami and Researchers in Nijmegen have developed smartphone-based applications for gamified cognitive testing. 

The next step in innovation is to integrate the tests into a digital platform that meets practical, scientific, legal and privacy requirements. In order to achieve this, Radboudumc will work with Orikami, who will deliver the platform for remote monitoring and will rebuild the existing tools to fit medical standards.


Orikami has expertise in developing medical grade digital tools for remote monitoring of cognitive and functional outcomes. Orikami created a software platform for direct feedback through a mobile application. The platform enables fast creation of a mobile application that interacts with a user for labeling, data acquisition and feedback. The platform can now be leveraged to produce a patient centered mobile application for activity feedback.  

For this project in particular, the platform will integrate various digital biomarkers with a focus laying on cognition into a new application. This brand new research app will run tests associated with processing speed (sSDMT), visual and spatial memory (SPART) and the cognitive test battery developed by the Radboudumc (BAM-COG). Later the app may also integrate mobility tests (2MWT and TUG).

Radboudumc, Department of Geriatrics 

In order to explore and validate the use-case of the research app, the project leverages the extensive knowledge and experience in clinical research related to cognitive function and Alzheimer’s Disease of the Radboudumc. Moreover, Radboudumc developed the Brain Aging Monitor-Cognitive Assessment Battery (BAM-COG), a novel gamified, valid and reliable cognitive test battery, which will be included in the assessment. 


All in all, the goal is to develop and provide proof-of-concept evidence for a gamified, remote cognitive and functional performance test embedded in a secure and user-friendly platform. This collaboration will make a significant contribution to the field of remote cognitive monitoring and the quality of life of the patient. 

Radboudumc & Orikami


Radboudumc & Orikami signing the contract


Radboudumc & Orikami signing the contract


Radboudumc & Orikami giving a presentation