The earth from space




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The activities listed below are made possible by the European Union.

OpenPlanet is a collaboration between OnePlanet Research Center, iMEC, JoinData, Ivido and Stichting SIDN. By combining the strengths of all partners OnePlanet aims to deliver an accessible digital environment for entrepreneurs and organizations in health, sustainable agriculture and food. OpenPlanet wants to provide an answer to the current fragmentation of solutions and the lack of knowledge to effectively convert data into digital services. 

The OpenPlanet platform consists of applications for data collection (sensors, apps, links with various data sources), data connectivity (sensor network, digital infrastructure), data storage and analysis (AI, digital twins), a marketplace for algorithms and applications for action perspective, support and feedback to end users (apps, dashboards). For example, data from wearables can be shared in real-time between doctor and patient, or data from sensors that are used to process real-time processes in agriculture. 

Orikami delivers their digital biomarker platform which enables OpenPlanet to share sensor data in realtime for use in healthcare settings. Orikami’s core technology of real-time algorithms, quality assurance and portfolio of digital biomarkers are an integral part of the succes of OnePlanet.

The operational program (OP) ERDF East Netherlands is a joint subsidy program of the provinces Overijssel and Gelderland. It is working on structurally strengthening the economy.

East Netherlands will use the ERDF resources to stimulate innovation and a low-carbon economy. The aim is for more East Netherlands SMEs to generate more turnover from new products.

With a team of data scientists and researchers, we are on a mission to improve 100 million lives by 2030 through access to personalized healthcare.