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Our services combine medical knowledge data science and academic approach.

This results in consultancy services and tailor-made digital medical devices for life science companies and healthcare providers.

Digital biomarkers

Our digital biomarkers are used to measure and quantify disease indications.

It also enables health professionals to make more informed decisions around the patient’s care path.

We enjoy working on digital biomarkers in the technology groups of Gait, Cognition, Video, GPS and Voice. Our services are significant for patients and healthcare professionals.

Orikami offers consultancy services and unique products. Our product portfolio consists of digital biomarkers, solutions and platform. Our portfolio of digital biomarkers includes amongst others: Mobility (Walking Speed, Timed Up and Go and Balance, Freezing of gait).

The combination of our medical expertise and expert data science ensures a comprehensive and robust biomarker development process including clinical validation. The leverage of our regulatory knowledge facilitates the CE and FDA certification process.


A combination of biomarkers is used to measure and monitor a specific therapeutic area. This solution can be installed on your smartphone as a regular app. A successful example is MS sherpa, where biomarkers are combined to monitor Multiple Sclerosis (MS).


Development Process

We use data, profiles, personal characteristics and digital biomarkers of patients and calculate the optimal health path.

Orikami offers a unique process to develop digital biomarkers in healthcare. It all starts with the discovery of the most relevant meaningful health aspects for a specific therapeutic area and the technology required to measure and quantify this.

Development is about creating and refining the digital biomarker product and the clinical validation. This results in a CE-certified product for patients, life science companies and health care providers. We also facilitate market access to products and solutions.

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The Orikami Digital Biomarker Platform contains all building blocks, technologies, validated digital biomarkers, solutions, data sets and is ready for use. This unique combination of reusable building blocks can be used in biomarkers for multiple chronic diseases.

Our platform is the technical foundation of our digital biomarkers and solutions. In the platform, we combine all aspects of development, including our quality system and regulatory compliance. With this, we ensure our clients a comprehensive and thorough digital biomarker development process with high clinical standards.

The benefits of this platform? The reusability of our knowledge accelerates the biomarker development process for new digital biomarkers and new therapeutic areas.